R&D Overview

Calchan holds an industry leading position in the development of novel state dependent small molecule calcium channel blockers (Cav2.2) for the treatment of neuropathic and nociceptive pain conditions. Assets include the Phase I/II asset CNV2197944 which although well tolerated, failed to demonstrate efficacy in two neuropathic pain studies (painful diabetic neuropathy and post hepatic neuralgia). Alternative development approaches for this molecule are currently being explored. Calchan also retains a rich and diverse patent estate of chemically and pharmacologically distinct preclinical stage Cav2.2 blockers. Capitalising on substantial chemistry, pharmacology and toxicology know how as well as expertise in developing Cav2.2 assets, the company is well positioned to convert these backup compounds into the next generation of differentiated Cav2.2 blockers for the treatment of pain.

Calchan’s second program is at a preclinical stage and targets the apoptosis signal-regulating kinase 1 (ASK1). This is a novel molecule utilizing a precedented biological pathway. ASK1 is implicated in pain, inflammation, ischaemia, fibrosis, cancer and neurodegeneration. Pharmacological proof of principal and structurally enabled medicinal chemistry has been achieved and the Company is rapidly progressing towards a first in man ready compound for oral delivery. The ASK1 program has received funding from Innovate UK to progress the project in to clinical development.