Calchan’s R&D Platform

Our expertise in pain and inflammation coupled with an efficient and effective early development approach for the prosecution of novel mechanisms underpins the strength of Calchan’s R&D platform. In particular, the seamless incorporation of translational strategies, use of biomarkers and utilisation of novel clinical study designs coupled with a deep understanding of the science that underpins the target and asset allows for fast and effective decision making. Furthermore, we have extensive experience of delivering preclinical data packages to support first time in human studies. Calchan’s chemistry experience couples high level knowledge of complex synthesis with extensive capability and know-how from hit identification through to clinical candidate nomination.

Calchan’s R&D model is based upon maintaining a core level of expertise within the company which is supported by a network of highly skilled and knowledgeable consultants, key opinion leaders and effective collaborations. In addition, the Convergence legacy of deep electrophysiology expertise will remain within Calchan with respect to ion channel targets such as Cav2.2. Calchan represents a nimble, cost efficient organization which has the capability of prosecuting the development of novel assets in an more effective manner when compared to more traditional R&D models.